Counselling therapy For Individuals & Couples

We are individually capable.
Together, it’s more meaningful.

Kevin Erickson
Counsellor and Psychotherapist
In Vancouver B.C.

My career has long been focused on helping people unlock their potential, recognize their superpowers, and create change in their lives.

I also know my own superpower; I am a genuine listener who helps others gain insight that improves their mental health and supports their personal growth. You can do it! I can help.

MA, Counselling Psychology
Registered Clinical Counsellor
MBA, Leadership
Certified Executive Coach

Areas Of Expertise

Whether you want to move past your past, feel better in the present, or stop worrying about your future – I can help.

We are all individuals striving to be a better version of ourselves. What “better” looks like is different for everyone and yours can only be defined by you. My role is to support and guide you in understanding your challenges, defining your desired outcomes, and creating your better.

Do you need help overcoming life's challenges?

I’m here to help! Make the first step to improve your life by reaching out today.
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